Live video

The app can stream audio and video live in any quality and enables parents to check in on their baby anytime they want.

Unlimited reach

Even parents who are often away can be with their baby in immediate contact. Annie Baby Monitor supports connection over Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE and makes sure you are always connected.

Monitor more than one baby

With Annie Baby Monitor, you can watch up to four babies simultaneously and watch them on an unlimited number of devices. The online access to the crib is not limited to one person.
- Idea -

The idea that created the MasterAPP division

The idea for the application was born when our owner who often traveled a lot, wanted to be more in touch with his children. The app that can connect parents to the baby's crib, even if they are on the other side of the world started the entire MasterAPP division. The idea is nearly four years old, and it was a good move, which is confirmed by the fact that Annie has long been on the first positions in the App Store.

iOS | Android | Windows
- Challenges -

Annie brought new challenges
and successes

Annie was our first application where we showed off our talents. The greatest success in developing the application was to master video and audio codec support. We wanted the app to work on all devices and platforms and communicate with each other. However, each manufacturer has its own set of supported codecs and others often cannot be played. That is why we had to solve device communication in the development process and use appropriate codecs accordingly.

Java | Objective-C | Swift | C#
Next development
- Next development -

The developers keep on improving the app

We are always trying to improve Annie, and now we have decided to improve it from the ground up. We have begun to develop a completely new application that uses more advanced technology. We use WebRTC for coding and transferring audio and video, and for MQTT status information, and we have switched to other languages (Kotlin, Java, Swift, C ++, C #).

webRTC | MQTT protokol