Information availability

Clients of DS Leasing using the operating leasing services do not have login to the site when they want to choose a new vehicle. In a mobile app, they see a clearly displayed current offer of vehicles and can easily choose from them.

Always ready to help

What to do when the vehicle breaks down? Simply take your mobile phone, launch the app and let the app show you the range of the nearest car and tire service. The customer can also provide contacts to responsible persons with whom they can address the problem.

All in one place

No more piles of papers in which you get lost. All the documents from the contract through invoices to one-off receivables are always available to customers at the time when they need it.
- Advantage -

One step ahead? Thanks to the mobile app

Company's presentation with mobile phones is becoming increasingly widespread and is becoming a necessity. D. S. Leasing realized this and had turned to us with a request for a practical application that would make it easier for clients to manage their services. The goal was to gather all the important information in one place so that customers have them available at any time. This has been successful with DS Flexilease and the company has also gained a potential advantage over competition that does not offer these services in a mobile app

Android | iOS

„D. S. Leasing wanted to go stay ahead of their competition with a mobile app, and therefore turned to us. We created an application that serves as the basis for further automation of modern sales exactly according to the assignment.“

Filip Špaček | COO, Cloud4Data
- Development -

Simple application with great benefits

Our developer had no problems dealing with requests from the company. From a programming point of view, it was a relatively simple matter, the application reads the offer from the back-end of the client who has prepared all the necessary data. In addition to application development itself, we also helped the company to create an App Store and Google Play account and release the app. We handed the finished application into the hands of DS Leasing programmers, who are already managing it on their own.

Java | Swift