Leave a good impression

Every detail plays a role in the negotiations. It doesn’t look good when sales representative tries to connect to the corporate network for several minutes. Mobile application will greatly facilitate his work and leaves a good impression as well.

Mobile office

For external sales representatives, our mobile application has greatly facilitated access to the internal VPN system. Whether they are in Prague, Paris or San Francisco. The connection will not take more than a few clicks.

Developed within 7 days

Developments including trial releases, testing, and debugging were done in seven business days. We also helped with in-house distribution and assisted in setting up a special Apple account.
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Mobility versus safety? Common company problem

Hartmann sales representatives travel to meet their customers, but the website with materials and pricelists they need for meetings is for security reasons only available from an internal network. The technical department has tried different solutions to make it work. Finally, they turned to our developers with a fairly clear idea. A mobile app for iPads and iOS 10 or higher will be developed.

iOS | iPad
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Web browser runs in the application

Functionally, the application overrides the web, integrating the web browser emulator. However, we had to bypass the standard process of downloading pdf and xls attachments for subsequent work with pricelists. We had to break the URL requests when downloading attachments. This was the only way to work with files and send them to customers and supervisors.

SafariServices | URL requests
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Connected with a few clicks

After seven days of development and testing, we introduced an application that will simplify the work of dozens of people. When launching, it requires a single sign-in entry, and then it displays an internal web with pricelists and documents. Quick and easy. And if the user forgets to turn on the VPN, which often happened before? He is warned immediately.

Swift | Xcode

“Our concept of mobile application was fairly clear from the outset. Easy access to internal system for our dealers. And the MasterAPP developers completed it to the point.”

Jan Pešava, Hartmann Group