Pilot project

For all those who have an IoT project idea but want to try it before they dive in. With our app and with the Starter Kit from the IQRF Alliance, this is easy and fast, and the project can function within a few days.

Easy to control

The app linked to the test set enables easy control of, for example, light, temperature, humidity or the amount of CO2 in the room. You do not need to connect to your computer or write long serial codes on the labels of individual sensors. With a mobile app, just a few taps on the screen.

IQRF technology

We've developed the app for the IQRF Alliance that arches over more than 80 companies providing services in the field of IoT IQRF. We have been long-time partners in the field of mobile app development.
- Internet of things -

We've entered the world of IoT

With the IoT Starter App, we have entered the world of IoT and have become members of the IQRF Alliance. Our developers have embarked on a completely new journey where they have to deal with the integration of all IQRF standards through which the app communicates with other devices on the network. We are dedicated to the development of mobile applications for IQRF as the sole provider and therefore we encounter new problems that can sometimes be handled by us, but thanks to cooperation with IQRF Alliance developers, we are able to solve them.

Android | Java
Further development
- Further development -

The new version is universal sophisticated

We continuously develop and modify the Starter IoT app according to IQRF technology improvements. We've recently introduced a new version of the app that implements news introduced by the IQRF Alliance. With the revolutionary Smart Connect technology, the new IoT Starter App quickly and easily connects devices to the IQRF network by scanning the QR code. The new app is therefore more versatile and greatly simplifies work for the users.

Java | JavaScript | Smart Connect

„Cooperating with MasterAPP has truly surpassed our expectation, especially when it comes to flexibility and speed. The developers are pros at what they do and it’s a pleasure to work with them.“

Šimon Chudoba, CEO IQRF Aliance