Service status

Our customers always have their servers under control. They can check themselves in the app Master Server Monitor the up-to-date state of the provided services - http, mysql, ssh, email protocols smtp, pop3, imap and more than 500 other services.

Server workload

The app enables customers to get a basic insight about the complete state and usage of servers. The app is connected to Nagios, an automated server monitoring system and allows users to check on details like CPU workload or RAM free working capacity.


The app enables users to set up notifications for each event (ok, warning, critical) and can be linked to a fitness bracelet and other external devices.
- Solution -

With the application, customers always have their servers under control

Master Sever Monitor is designed for customers of our Cloud4Data datacenters that order additional monitoring or administration services. With the app, just one look at your phone and the customer immediately knows the state of his servers.. No communication with the administrator or the need to login to the client system on a PC is required. The app will clearly display all services and their current status and other details about the server, and will alert if a problem occurs automatically.

iOS | Android
Next development
- Next development -

Master Server Monitor is waiting for a rejuvenation cure.

Master Server Monitor is the very first app where we tried out simple architecture. The app is connected to a surveillance server via a customer information system and displays that information. But it's been a couple of years since we released Master Server Monitor so we're about to make big improvements now. The plan is to develop a completely new, more modern version that will make our servers even more accessible. for our customers.

Java | Objective-C