Privacy on the internet

The application encrypts data flow and all sensitive information remains absolutely secure. We do not keep any records of online activities.

High-speed connection

With SureVPN, users can rely on a fast connection that lets you watch videos or listen to music without interruption.

Unlimited access to content

Remote connection to our VPN servers allows unobstructed access to content from around the world.
- Solution -

Safety and anonymity in a few clicks

Nowadays, ensuring Internet security is difficult, especially for those not familiar with the world of IT and modern technology. We want to change this with our SureVPN app. The user remotely connects to a secure server with a few clicks and easily hides his IP address while surfing online. SureVPN is easy to control with a friendly interface and can be used by anyone.

iOS | Android
- Background -

VPN servers across 4 continents

The app encrypts the data sent to the VPN server into an https protocol and sends them to the destination server. As a result, the user remains completely anonymous, the only identifiable element is the VPN server address. Servers are deployed on four continents and their numbers are constantly increasing with a growing user base. The app has been on the market since March 2017 and has already been installed by more than 105,000 users.

Kotlin | Swift
- Hardware -

The SureVPN box gives the app a new dimension

We've decided to take the successful app to the next level. We have created a hardware device that can connect users from anywhere remotely to a home (or work) network. Just plug the box into the network and take the other one with you on the go. A unique technology solution allows you to access your own data through a direct tunnel without using an external VPN server. The SureVPN box is now in the prototype stage and we have great plans with it. You can see how our magic box works and watch the video.

SIM card | Integrated battery | USB | Wi-Fi