Clearly displayed

The food ingredients are usually written so small you can barely read them. We show the users more clearly in graphs and structured text.

Allergens alerts

Food allergies are on the rise. The composition should help you stay gluten-free, lactose-free or help those with diabetes. We all simplify your everyday life.

Comfortable shopping

We don't like spending time in the grocery store. We've revolutionized the barcode scanner to be as fast as possible. Filling your shopping cart is now easy as pie.
- A winning idea -

There's a great idea behind every app

It's usually us who comes up with ideas for new apps but it was different with Tasty. The app came from our incubator competition with the intent to support promising students and their business plans. Vladimír Eliáš from BUT wowed us with the idea that an app could ease everyday life for a lot of Czech families. It didn't take long for the app to see the light of day. The app scans the barcode and displays ingredients, alerts to any allergens and compares the product amongst its category. Helps any helpless shopper decide whether to add the product to the shopping cart or leave it in the aisle.

Android | iOS | Web
- Background -

The product database took hundreds of hours to fill

We knew from the beginning that server architecture and database will be crucial for a food scanning app. Our database currently holds tens of thousands of products and it contains more than half of products a typical Czech family buys. Our idea was that users could also help us with filling the database. We developed the option to add product into the app. We also asked manufacturers to verify the information in the app.

MySQL | Java | Data analysis
- Design -

How to design the app for the whole family?

Product packaging doesn't tell users much about the food inside. We mulled over the user interface of the app. We wanted the user to see everything right from the start. The challenge was finding a solution for a mobile app as well as a version for tablets. Tasty's special feature, the speedometers are unique and also highly informable. Just one look at the display and you'll know immediately if the butter you're holding in your hand is high in fat or just with just the right amount. Not to mention the options of personalization the app brings.


I supported the full version. I believe that the app will keep on improving. It’s a great idea and I believe the developers can turn it into perfection. Fingers crossed.

Zdeněk Valášek | 05. 02. 2018